Arkansas Cars for Sale


Nicknamed the “Natural State,” Arkansas is home to approximately 2,915,918 Arkansans spread over 53,179 square miles. The state borders on Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Residents and tourists enjoy a humid subtropical climate, which is the reason for the gorgeous flora growing along the Buffalo National River and throughout the Hot Springs National Park.

While agriculture is a big part of Arkansas’ economy, automobile manufacturing has come into the state as well. The Arkansan living in the rural locales relies heavily on pickup trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles to get around and haul farming as well as ranching supplies. Those residing in the cities look primarily to passenger vehicles to transport them along the 20 U.S. routes crisscrossing the state – as well as the more than 200 state highways.


A Closer Look at the Arkansas Cityscape
Car dealerships are a staple of Arkansas’ economy. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reports that there are about 227 new-car dealerships in the state. They bring in estimated revenues of $4.8 billion per year. These numbers do not take into account used car sales by owner or by dealer.

You will find the majority of these dealerships in the largest cities, namely Little Rock, Fort Smith, North Little Rock, Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Springdale, Hot Springs, Conway and Rogers. Mind you, these numbers do not take into account the smaller dealerships that specialize primarily in pre-owned vehicles.


Arkansas Car Guide on Sales and Motor Fuel Taxes
Arkansas vehicle taxes are assessed by county. The local county assessor must release proof of tax payment before the Arkansas motorist can register a car. At this time, there is a six percent sales tax assessed on the full cost of an automobile, which also includes any money spent on an extended warranty.

Cars worth – and sold for – less than $2,500 are not assessed a sales tax. Please note that any applicable sales tax is due and payable on new cars bought off the dealership lot, as well as after used car transactions that might take place in your driveway. When it comes time to register the used car, you will then be asked to pay the sales tax. When driving, each gallon of gas carries a tax of 22.5 cents; drivers using vehicles requiring diesel pay 21.5 cents per gallon.


Minimum Car Insurance Rules for Arkansas
Arkansas minimum insurance requirements
Motorists must carry liability insurance when driving in Arkansas. Applicable state law specifies the Arkansas minimum requirements for any driver:

  • Carry a $25,000 bodily injury/death liability insurance policy to cover one person involved in the accident
  • Purchase a $50,000 policy to recompense parties for all injuries/deaths resulting from an accident
  • Buy a $25,000 property damage policy that reimburses others for destruction of their property caused by an accident

It is always a good idea to purchase additional insurance products or increase the minimum limits to avoid or minimize personal liability in case of a civil lawsuit. Other available coverages – although not required by state law – include medical payments, collision and comprehensive.

You must purchase car insurance before you may register your car. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, which administers the motor vehicle regulations, has made this a requirement for initial and subsequent motor vehicle registration applications.


Arkansas Car Title and Vehicle Registration FAQ
Cars for sale in Arkansas come with several paperwork requirements that both sellers and buyers must meet. Many dealers will take care of these requirements, but you will need to do yourself when purchasing a for sale by owner in Arkansas.

Remember that you only have 30 calendar days – from the day of vehicle purchase – to register your new car and get a proper Arkansas title and/or registration in your name. The same time frame holds true if you moved in from out of state.

  • Pay the sales tax for a newly acquired vehicle. Municipalities may add on their own taxes. While each locality determines the amount, the state has capped the maximum rate at $25 for each one percent of state taxes.
  • Pay the $17 registration fee as well as the $2.50 validation decal fee. Mind you, this only applies to cars lighter than 3,000 pounds; if the car weights more, the registration fee goes up to $25. Half-ton trucks carry a registration fee of $21.
  • Pay the $10 title fee. Check your purchase title’s wording. If your purchase title features one or more names, all of which are joined together with “and,” everyone named must appear in person at the motor vehicle office. If the names are joined with “or,” it is enough for one named owner to appear.
  • Bring the vehicle with you, if you are trying to register a car with a salvage title. The law requires that a state official – such as an officer of the Arkansas State Police — conducts a physical VIN check during a title application.
  • If you are financing your car, bring along the loan paperwork that shows the lender’s name, address as well as your account number.
  • If you purchased the Arkansas motor vehicle from a private party, and if the title control number is less than 3003001 – or the title originates from an out of state motor vehicle authority — bring in the original title. It must be accompanied by a bill of sale that names all the parties to the transaction and states the purchase price. Also bring along a separate odometer disclosure certificate.
  • Procrastinators should be prepared to pay $3 for each 10 days of being late when registering vehicles in Arkansas. Add to this a 10 percent penalty for the late payment of taxes. Your timely attention to this detail saves you quite a bit of money!


What about Tags?

  • When you buy new cars in Arkansas, you usually only have a temporary paper tag. You have the option of transferring a plate to another car. If you are taking advantage of this stipulation, there is a $1 charge. Please note that you must pay the difference in weight classes, when transferring a tag from a lighter or heavier car to the new set of wheels you acquired. If you are downsizing, there is no refund on the higher registration fee you paid previously. If you are upgrading, you must pay the difference in fee apportioned to the higher weight class.



What about Emissions?
Arkansas law does not mandate emissions testing of cars and trucks. Of course, it is only a matter of time until environmental concerns will change this status.

Where Are the Arkansas Car Auctions?

71B Auto Auction
Location: 4635 N. Thompson, Springdale, AR 72764
Phone: (479) 756-5001
Auctions Run: Every Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Central Arkansas Auto Auction
Location: 205 Foster Drive, Beebe, AR 72012
Phone: (501) 882-6447
Auctions Run: Every Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Pioneer Auto Auction
Location: # 9 Highland Cove, Hardy, AR 72542
Phone: (870) 257-7653
Auctions Run: Every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Please check each Arkansas car auction site for additional details.